JTS set to penetrate hyperscale data centre and cloud services market

Published on 2020-09-24   By nationthailand.com

 Jasmine Telecom Systems (JTS) and South Korea's KT Corporation have signed a strategic collaboration agreement in which JTS will enter the hyperscale data centre and cloud service market in a bid to attract global cloud service providers to Thailand.

"The hyperscale data centre and cloud service business will be a foundation to add value to Jasmine Group's network business," said JTS director and acting president Somboon Patcharasopak. "This strategic partnership with KT will bring together global cloud service partners for further expansion of other services."

KT will act as a strategic partner in business development and collaboration with global cloud service providers.

Somboon said JTS's experience, starting with providing telecommunication services to corporate customers, including cloud infrastructure as a service, allows the understanding of rapid change in customers' needs and realises the importance of data in today's business environment.

Storing data in various formats, including text, images and videos, all of which are also constantly updated, requires large storage space and needs more efficient processing. There is also a risk of data loss or data being unusable in the case of a single point of storage, something the company's cloud service and data management service will address.

Furthermore, collaborating with global cloud service providers will require the company to arrange a hyperscale-class data centre to support the expansion and storage space.

KT is currently the number one telecommunications operator in South Korea and has been an IDC specialist in that country for more than 10 years, while JTS is equipped with service providing experience in data centres from its affiliated companies, and infrastructure as a service, including international private leased circuits.