JasTel Network Co.Ltd.
JasTel Network Co.Ltd.

JasTel Network Co.,Ltd. that provides International Private Leased-Circuit (IPLC), a circuit of high stability with many routes linking to overseas lands such as the southern route to Malaysia and Singapore and the northeastern route to Laos, Vietnam and China. The leased circuit service continues without disruption despite the cable problem as the company has prepared alternative routes for back-up. Advantages of this service also include the high-capacity bandwidth that facilitates huge volumes of data delivery; automatic control system that is 24 hour monitored. In addition, JasTel offers IP-VPN service; Managed Network service locally and internationally via networks of optic fiber and copper cable; space rental service for an installation of Internet server and router (Internet Data Center) to customers who are operators /service providers of telecommunication network as well as Internet and corporate clients. Other services include maintenance service for submarine cable, submarine as well as terrestrial cable installation, and off-shore services.
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